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Debatepedia is the International Debate Education Association's (IDEA) free wiki encyclopedia of debates, arguments, evidence, and debate-related subjects. It is the home and future of sound debate and deliberation online. As a wiki, anyone can click "edit" and help document pro and con arguments and evidence on any topic. It is designed as a participatory resource for debaters, students, citizens, politicians. For debaters and debate teams, it is a way to gather evidence for competitions as well as a place to deposit evidence for the benefit of other debaters and the wider citizenry.

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Browse through Debatepedia's main categories to explore its contents and areas of interest to you. Go to Debatepedia's contents page to see all of its categories, portals, and other contents.

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New visitors and users

If this is your first time to Debatepedia, here's what you should do. First, click on one of the Featured Debates in the lower left of this page. Read and enjoy it, noting Debatepedia's unique "logic tree" structure and links to individual argument/evidence pages. Next, read through the about page and contents page for a broad introduction to the site. If you decide to begin editing, see the getting started (tutorial) first, and go from there. As you dig deeper into the site, remember that almost everything on Debatepedia can be accessed through the "navigation" and "interactions" boxes in the upper left part of the screen as well as the toolbar on the upper right part of the screen.

What's new on Debatepedia

The People Speak Global Debates

Debatepedia is featuring content for The People Speak Global Debates in October of 2007 as well as in March of 2008.

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