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Debatepedia is "the Wikipedia of pros and cons". Its mission: "clarify public debates and improve decision-making globally". Debatepedia is a project of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA), a 501c3 non-profit. It utilizes the same wiki technology powering Wikipedia to engage you and other citizen-editors in clarifying public debates by centralizing them into a single pro/con encyclopedia. This helps you, other citizens, and leaders better weigh ALL the pros and cons, develop positions, and make more informed decisions, votes, etc... And this significantly improves democracy and people's lives. Get started Join our Facebook group Debatepedia is endorsed by the National Forensic League.

Debates in the IDEA community

Below are debates that are occurring around the IDEA community, in actual debate events or online, and for which Debatepedia has developed corresponding pro/con articles.

  • The People Speak Global Debates IDEA has joined The People Speak, a project of the United Nations Foundation, in yet another effort, developing content on Debatepedia to serve debaters in the TPS Global Debates March 2009 competition.
    The topic: Developed countries have a higher obligation to combat climate change. Debatepedia has created an extensive pro/con article to help contestants form their cases and compete. The article also helps inform the global citizenry about this important debate, which stems largely from the Kyoto Protocols' "common but differentiated responsibilities" and questions about whether the treaty's predecessor (in 2012) will include similar principles. This is the fourth project between IDEA and The People Speak. See past projects here.
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