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I hope to host a debate here between some prominent pantheists/deists (and at least one pandeist) to kick off May 15th.... Pandeism 20:38, 2 May 2010 (EDT)

Discussion parameters

I am presuming it to be safe to move our discussion of the parameters of the discussion to be had to this user page. So let us begin, what are our topics and rules for debate? Here's the outline of topics I'd put up (with credit to Steve from World Deism for contributing some ideas):

Pantheism, Deism, and Pandeism

Topic 1: Is or was there a designer/creator of our Universe? Is such a concept reconcilable with pantheism?

Topic 2: Where is "God" now?

Is God confined within the Universe; Is God our Universe [Pan]
Does God contain and therefore transcend our Universe [Panen]

Topic 3: Is God "active"? Are there revelations or other interventions? Would true miraculous events require a God, even?

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