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One of my favorite hobbies are criticizing and debating against people. Hobbies: Debating, listening to jazz, and classical music from Vivaldi, playing Starcraft, and trying to make South Korea more famous


South Korean and I'm proud of my country

Political stance

I'm mostly moderate, but considering my views, I'm sligtly liberal. Conservative views I agree with: Supports tort reform Anti-immigration Hard action against belligerent nations Censorship of internet, etc... Liberal views I agree with: Supports big government Supports bigger regulations Supports rights of gays Anti-death penalty Supports abortions

Debate: Right to possess nuclear weapons

Hey, I saw your edits on the debate on nukes and gambling tax, good job. How about developing one of these debates in more detail?


Lenka, 19:14, 1st January 2010

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