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-Debatepedia intern

Hi =) My name is Jenna (Youjin) Song, and I'm currently attending Daewon Foreign Language High School in Seoul, South Korea. I'm preparing to apply to colleges in the States, and I spent the first ten years of my life in the States, so I speak and write pretty fluent English ;)

My debating life began two years ago, when I was yet in middle school. My first debating event ever was the Asian High School Debate Institute, where I was the youngest student, and my team had all-wins while I was the 8th ranked individual speaker. Then, upon entering high school in March 2007, I competed in Korea's qualifier for the World Individual Public Speaking and Debate Championships 2007, and became one of Korea's 4 National Representatives. In July 2007, I attended the IDEA Youth Forum Karl Popper Debate Championships, and was a quarterfinalist and the best speaker. In August 2007, at Korea High School Debate Championships, I was an octofinalist and the top speaker. Then, in November 2007, my team made the finals on Korea's Educational Broadcasting System's Debate Survival TV Program. I've been selected to be one of Korea's 4 National Representatives for the World Individual Public Speaking and Debate Championships in March 2008. This January, I was also selected to be part of the pool from which we'll choose Korea's national team for the World Schools Debating Championships 2008, and finally, this February, my team, Daewon B <3 made the finals in the 4th Korean High School Debate Championships.

Although my career is short, since I've only had one year in high school =( I've been debating a lot in various classes, training sessions, and such even when I don't have competitions. Plus, although I'm sure this is pretty obvious, I LOVE DEBATE!!!!! Which is why I'm now an intern on Debatepedia, the honorable project trying to make debate even more successful, rewarding, and enjoyable!! yay!! Cheers to the success of Debatepedia =) (Below: My IDEA 2007 KPDC Team ! ) Image:TeamKorea7.jpeg

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