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==Useful debate websites and organizations == ==Useful debate websites and organizations ==
-*[ Argumentum]+*[ Intelligence Squared], [ on NPR site].
 +*[ New York Times Room for Debate]
*[ Debatewise] *[ Debatewise]
-*[ Opposing Views] 
*[] *[]
 +*[ One Minute Cases]
*[ Create Debate] *[ Create Debate]
*[ Convince Me] *[ Convince Me]
*[ Debategraph] *[ Debategraph]
-*[ Politalk Blog]+*[ Argumentum]
-*[ Pundit Politics]+*[]
*[ America's Debate] *[ America's Debate]
-==Great publications in the public debate==+*[ Explore Ideas]
 +== Debate/talk shows (US) ==
 +*[ Meet the Press]
 +*[ Fox News Sunday]
 +*[ Face the Nation]
 +*[ This Week]
 +*[ Politalk Blog]
 +== Publications in the public debate ==
 +===Mostly neutral:===
*[ Real Clear Politics] *[ Real Clear Politics]
 +*[ USA Today Opinion page]
 +*[ The Week]
 +*[ Pundit Politics]
 +*[ New York Times Opinion page]
 +*[ New York Times Blogging Heads]
 +*[ Washington Post Opinion page]
 +*[ The American Prospect]
 +*[ The New Republic]
 +*[ The Center for American Progress]
 +*[ The Campaign for America's Future]
 +===Right leaning:===
 +*[ National Review Online]
 +*[ Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal]
 +*[ Forbes Opinion]
 +*[ Houston Chronicle]
 +*[ Denver Post opinion]
 +*[ Human Events]
 +*[ Heritage Foundation]
 +*[ CATO Institute]
 +*[ Family Research Council]
 +== Key figures in the public debate==
 +*Paul Krugman
 +*Thomas Friedman
 +*Ezra Klein
 +*E.J. Dionne
 +*David Brooks
 +*Greg Mankiw
 +*Michelle Malkin
 +*Grover Norquist
 +===More moderate===
 +*[ Thomas Mann]
==General, useful links on politics== ==General, useful links on politics==
*[ Timeline of Presidency of Barack Obama] *[ Timeline of Presidency of Barack Obama]
 +==Other useful publications ==
 +*Scientific American
 +==See also==
 +*[[Link exchanges| Link exchanges - a list of good sites and organizations that have linked to]]
 +* Jyte is a place focused on the pro and con of various claims; usually less serious and sometimes much funnier than typical Debatepedia debates.
 +* Quite a few [ other wiki where debate is a main topic].

Current revision

Useful debate websites and organizations

Debate/talk shows (US)

Publications in the public debate

Mostly neutral:


Right leaning:


Key figures in the public debate


  • Paul Krugman
  • Thomas Friedman
  • Ezra Klein
  • E.J. Dionne


  • David Brooks
  • Greg Mankiw
  • Michelle Malkin
  • Grover Norquist

More moderate

General, useful links on politics

Other useful publications

  • Scientific American

See also

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