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Below are articles of the highest priority to be developed by Debatepedia's community into exceptional form and posted on the Debate Digest on the main page of the site. If you are looking to help edit and build Debatepedia's pro/con articles, this is a good place to focus your attention. See the Debatepedia User Guide. And, also, feel free to propose topics that you think warrant being worked on by the entire Debatepedia community and featured on the Debate Digest.

Priority rankings for Debate Digest

Debate articles that are of highest priority to be worked on and featured in the Debate Digest section of the main page. Please feel free to shift the order of these topics, enter debate articles not listed, or propose/create new debate articles not yet found on Debatepedia.

  1. Debate: State deaf schools
  2. Debate: Slut Walks
  3. Debate: Late-term abortions
  4. Debate: Abortion for physical deformities
  5. Debate: Background checks at gun shows
  6. Debate: Ban on violent porn
  7. Debate: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  8. Debate: Sales taxes on online purchases
  9. Debate: Legalization of performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports
  10. Debate: Is homosexuality a choice?
  11. Debate: Government funding for Planned Parenthood
  12. Debate: Fraternities
  13. Debate: 20-week abortion limit
  14. Debate: Foie gras ban
  15. Debate: Background checks of gun buyers
  16. Debate: Public funding for broadcasting
  17. Debate: Pre-selecting sex of children
  18. Debate: Mandatory labeling of foods with trans fats
  19. Debate: Mandating helmets for bicyclists
  20. Debate: Government owned casinos
  21. Debate: Porn at public libraries
  22. Debate: Ban on public sex
  23. Debate: Means testing for benefits
  24. Debate: Dowries
  25. Debate: Armed pilots in airplanes
  26. Debate: A right to die?
  27. Debate: Goal-line technology in futbol
  28. Debate: Swastika ban
  29. Debate: Legality of coca chewing
  30. Debate: Pete Rose in Baseball Hall of Fame
  31. Debate: Line-item veto for US presidents
  32. Debate: University professor tenure
  33. Debate: Privatizing Medicare
  34. Debate: Urban vs rural life
  35. Debate: Prenuptial agreement
  36. Debate: IPad
  37. Debate: Allowing guns on college campuses
  38. Debate: Mini-nukes development in the United States
  39. Debate: Lockers in public schools
  40. Debate: Drinking bottled water
  41. Debate: Instant-runoff voting
  42. Debate: Insanity defense
  43. Debate: Online dating
  44. Debate: Speed dating
  45. Debate: Is a nuclear-armed North Korea unacceptable?
  46. Debate: Does "sin" exist?
  47. Debate: Manned spaceflight
  48. Debate: Shaming convicted criminals
  49. Debate: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  50. Debate: Presidential pardons in the United States
  51. Debate: Abortion for physical deformities
  52. Debate: Tax exemption for churches
  53. Debate: Force feeding prisoners on hunger strike
  54. Debate: Online gambling
  55. Debate: Women in combat
  56. Debate: Mandatory year of national service for youth
  57. Debate: Paying people to stay healthy
  58. Debate: Compulsory national service
  59. Debate: Landmines in the Korean Demilitarized Zone
  60. Debate: Sex offender registries
  61. Debate: Christian divorce
  62. Debate: Sabbath Day
  63. Debate: Cyprus reunification
  64. Debate: Use of prison labor for public works
  65. Debate: Female NFL referees
  66. Debate: Estate tax in the United States
  67. Debate: Oil drilling in the Arctic
  68. Debate: Fair trade
  69. Debate: Teach for America
  70. Debate: Trying juveniles as adults
  71. Debate: Banning protests at funerals
  72. Debate: Water fluoridation
  73. Debate: National sovereignty is an inalienable right
  74. Debate: Ban on communist parties
  75. Debate: Right to carry guns on college campuses
  76. Debate: Transparent election funding
  77. Debate: Pocket knife ban
  78. Debate: Liberty is more important than equality
  79. Debate: Is religion a force for good?
  80. Debate: Anonymous campaign donations
  81. Debate: Oil drilling in the Arctic
  82. Debate: Getting a law degree if you do not want to practice law
  83. Debate: Do I want to be a lawyer?
  84. Debate: Medicare
  85. Debate: Requiring DNA evidence for executions
  86. Debate: F-35 fighter jet
  87. Debate: No-fault divorce
  88. Debate: Privatizing airport security
  89. Debate: Natural gas fracking
  90. Debate: Online university degrees
  91. Debate: Appropriateness of atheism ads
  92. Debate: Public funding of presidential campaigns
  93. Debate: Clean diesel
  94. Debate: Oil drilling ban in Antarctica
  95. Debate: Quran book burning ban
  96. Debate: Carbon offsets
  97. Debate: Renewable energy on public lands
  98. Debate: In some cases juveniles should be tried as adults
  99. Debate: Is anonymity included in free speech rights?
  100. Debate: Banning open carrying of guns in private businesses
  101. Debate: Charging for news content
  102. Debate: Closing US military base in Okinawa
  103. Debate: US national day of prayer
  104. Debate: Inheritance tax
  105. Debate: National biometric ID cards
  106. Debate: Landmines in the Korean Demilitarized Zone
  107. Debate: Voter identification cards
  108. Debate: European social democracy
  109. Debate: Washington, DC voting rights
  110. Debate: Decriminalizing marijuana possession
  111. Debate: Pre-selecting sex of children
  112. Debate: Life without parole vs. death penalty
  113. Debate: Are homosexuals born gay?
  114. Debate: Prohibition of flag burning
  115. Debate: Graduated tax rates
  116. Debate: Electronic tagging of pedophiles
  117. Debate: No-fault divorce
  118. Debate: Buying purebred dogs
  119. Debate: Humanity is progressing toward greater freedom
  120. Debate: Fine for illegal immigrants in path to citizenship
  121. Debate: Ban on public nudity
  122. Debate: Decriminalizing marijuana possession
  123. Debate: Partial-birth abortion
  124. Debate: Ex-felon right to vote
  125. Debate: Is psychology a science
  126. Debate: Mandatory counseling of women seeking abortions
  127. Debate: Palestinian state
  128. Debate: Ban on Islamist political parties
  129. Debate: Outing of gay public figures
  130. Debate: Compulsory vaccination
  131. Debate: Ten commandments in public buildings
  132. Debate: Popular election of US presidents
  133. Debate: Banning the confederate flag
  134. Debate: English as the official language of the EU
  135. Debate: Naming and shaming of sex offenders
  136. Debate: ID checks for gun sales
  137. Debate: Background checks of gun buyers
  138. Debate: Do offspring have a right to know their biological parents?
  139. Debate: Is Islam compatible with democracy?
  140. Debate: Patenting of genetically modified seeds
  141. Debate: Compulsory voting
  142. Debate: Kashmir self determination
  143. Debate: Banning hands-free cell phones in cars
  144. Debate: Military draft
  145. Debate: Maximum weekly working hours
  146. Debate: EU federalism
  147. Debate: Detention on the grounds of mental illness
  148. Debate: Estate tax in the United States
  149. Debate: Should suicide be illegal?
  150. Debate: Two-party system
  151. Debate: Ban on public sex
  152. Debate: Minority schools
  153. Debate: Carrying a handgun at home
  154. Debate: Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies
  155. Debate: Ban on employee weight discrimination
  156. Debate: Desegregation school busing
  157. Debate: Federal anti-SLAPP law
  158. Debate: Remote-control warfare
  159. Debate: Deporting illegal immigrants in the US
  160. Debate: Ban on girls wearing full veils in state schools
  161. Debate: Ban on niqab on public transportation
  162. Debate: Ban on driving with full Muslim veil
  163. Debate: Right to health care
  164. Debate: Is file sharing fair use?
  165. Debate: Unlimited personal spending in elections
  166. Debate: Biometric national ID cards to prevent employment of illegal immigrants
  167. Debate: Metered Internet billing
  168. Debate: Vocational training
  169. Debate: Military tribunals for suspected terrorists
  170. Debate: Conscientious objections of pharmacists to emergency contraception
  171. Debate: Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage
  172. Debate: Guest workers in the United States
  173. Debate: Underground nuclear waste storage
  174. Debate: Coca crop eradication
  175. Debate: Smoking ban on public patios
  176. Debate: Anti-depressants
  177. Debate: Policy of containment toward a nuclear Iran
  178. Debate: Can a nuclear Iran be deterred?
  179. Debate: Climate change mitigation vs adaptation
  180. Debate: Timetable withdrawal from Afghanistan
  181. Debate: Nude beaches
  182. Debate: Dividing Jerusalem
  183. Debate: Tax incentives for marriage
  184. Debate: Single-sex schools
  185. Debate: China "one child" policy
  186. Debate: Single-payer universal health care
  187. Debate: Line-item veto
  188. Debate: Harm reduction drug policy
  189. Debate: Public funding for gay pride parades
  190. Debate: Moving Guantanamo detainees to America
  191. Debate: Cochlear implants for deaf infants
  192. Debate: Pill testing at night clubs
  193. Debate: Gestational surrogacy
  194. Debate: Does "God" really exist?
  195. Debate: Abortion for physical deformities
  196. Debate: Should marriage be defined as only between a man and a woman?
  197. Debate: Cartoon child porn
  198. Debate: Government subsidies of journalism
  199. Debate: Sudden-death overtime in NFL
  200. Debate: Developed world climate change debt to developing world
  201. Debate: Genetic screening
  202. Debate: Images of death in the media
  203. Debate: Atheism advertisements
  204. Debate: Death penalty exemption for mentally ill
  205. Debate: Palestinian right of return
  206. Debate: Terrorist suspect right to habeas corpus
  207. Debate: Human life as beginning at conception
  208. Debate: Value added tax (VAT)
  209. Debate: Death penalty for juveniles
  210. Debate: Electronic medical records
  211. Debate: Communism
  212. Debate: Socialism
  213. Debate: Credit cards for minors
  214. Debate: Death penalty for child rape
  215. Debate: Was the War in Iraq worth it?
  216. Debate: Emissions exemptions for China and India
  217. Debate: US ban on travel to Cuba
  218. Debate: Church involvement in politics
  219. Debate: Freeze on new Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories
  220. Debate: Terrorist suspect right to habeas corpus
  221. Debate: Is Scientology a religion?
  222. Debate: Judicial empathy
  223. Debate: Was the IRA justified?
  224. Debate: Junk food advertising ban
  225. Debate: Ticket scalping
  226. Debate: Corporate sponsorship of schools
  227. Debate: Should voters be required to show photo identification?
  228. Debate: DNA database of criminals
  229. Debate: Secular state
  230. Debate: Bush v. Gore
  231. Debate: Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research
  232. Debate: US nuclear weapons in Europe
  233. Debate: US arms sales to Taiwan
  234. Debate: Ban on mosque minaretes in Switzerland
  235. Debate: US sale of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan
  236. Debate: Mandatory drug tests of welfare recipients
  237. Debate: Legal recognition of sex changes
  238. Debate: Ban on cage fighting
  239. Debate: Does Israel have a right to exist?
  240. Debate: Should harming animals in laboratory tests be banned?
  241. Debate: Term limits for Supreme Court justices
  242. Debate: Lifetime appointment of supreme court justices
  243. Debate: Should parents put GPS implants in their children?
  244. Debate: One-party rule
  245. Debate: Jury nullification in the United States
  246. Debate: Civil unions vs. gay marriage
  247. Debate: Ivory trading
  248. Debate: "Too big to fail"
  249. Debate: Should churches be tax exempt?
  250. Debate: Do fathers have a right to be informed of an abortion?
  251. Debate: Compassionate clemency
  252. Debate: Racial quotas
  253. Debate: Male reproductive rights
  254. Debate: Male rights to opt-out of child support in unwanted pregnancies
  255. Debate: Abkhazia independence
  256. Debate: Premarital sex
  257. Debate: Chinese non-interventionism
  258. Debate: Nativity scenes on public property
  259. Debate: National lotteries
  260. Debate: Pornography
  261. Debate: Bikini baristas
  262. Debate: Should the Bible be used for swearing-in ceremonies and in courtrooms?
  263. Debate: Minimum weight requirements for models
  264. Debate: Forbidding communion to individuals over political beliefs
  265. Debate: Death penalty for child rape
  266. Debate: Expansion of the UN Security Council
  267. Debate: Should the voting age be reduced from 18 to 16?
  268. Debate: Living constitution
  269. Debate: Negotiating with terrorist groups
  270. Debate: Race-based political parties
  271. Debate: Should the Church deny communion to individuals holding opposing views?
  272. Debate: Single-party state
  273. Debate: Intelligent design
  274. Debate: Preventive war
  275. Debate: Privatizing national security
  276. Debate: Privatizing prisons
  277. Debate: Roma nation
  278. Debate: Muhammad cartoons controversy
  279. Debate: Gallons per mile instead of miles per gallon

Second tier debates

  1. Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase alternative energy incentives in the United States
  2. Debate: Tanning tax
  3. Debate: Judicial review of clemency powers
  4. Debate: Equal opportunity
  5. Debate: Paper books vs electronic books
  6. Debate: Recall elections
  7. Debate: Women in combat
  8. Debate: Caps on public university tuition fees
  9. Debate: Should banks be forbidden from owning investment companies?
  10. Debate: Electric vehicle mandates
  11. Debate: Is the profit-interest compatible with health care?
  12. Debate: European Union constitution
  13. Debate: Low-carb diets
  14. Debate: Homosexuality - could be a great page but needs a bit of editing.
  15. Debate: THBT hate speech should be a crime - really needs to be put in a shape
  16. Debate: Online gambling
  17. Debate: European missile defense
  18. Debate: Space-based solar power
  19. Debate: SATS - really needs some changes and developing
  20. Debate: Campaign Finance Reform
  21. Debate: Cap-and-trade versus carbon tax
  22. Debate: NAFTA
  23. Debate: Ban on spanking children
  24. Debate: School uniform
  25. Debate: Should primates be used to develop vaccines?
  26. Debate: Non-interventionism
  27. Debate: Paying disadvantaged students to learn
  28. Debate: Parental right to see student grades
  29. Debate: Should Bush administration officials be prosecuted for "torturing"?
  30. Debate: Release of US interrogation memos
  31. Debate: Mandatory drug testing for public officials
  32. Debate: Should the US use crosses to memorialize war heroes?
  33. Debate: Should the US Army field manuel be used for all interrogations?
  34. Debate: Should governments cancel student debt during economic crisis?
  35. Debate: Extraordinary rendition
  36. Debate: Lobbying
  37. Debate: Globalization
  38. Debate: Should Israel return the Golan Heights to Syria?
  39. Debate: Mine Ban Treaty (Ottawa Treaty)
  40. Debate: Forced heirship
  41. Debate: US ratification of the Law of the Sea
  42. Debate: National Missile Defense
  43. Debate: Child beauty pageants
  44. Debate: Covenant marriage
  45. Debate: Should US expand nuclear umbrella to Middle East allies?
  46. Debate: Appointment of US senators by governors
  47. Debate: $700 billion US economic bailout
  48. Debate: Are some companies too big to fail?
  49. Debate: Military draft in the United States
  50. Debate: Organic food
  51. Debate: Truth and Reconciliation Commissions
  52. Debate: Gambling
  53. Debate: Extraordinary rendition
  54. Debate: Equal pay for women
  55. Debate: Wearing animal furs and skins
  56. Debate: Self-determination
  57. Debate: Cellulosic ethanol
  58. Debate: Russian membership in the WTO
  59. Debate: Sanctions
  60. Debate: Regifting
  61. Debate: Protectionism
  62. Debate: NATO membership for Israel
  63. Debate: Union of the Mediterranean
  64. Debate: Minimum wage in the United States
  65. Debate: Lifetime ban of athletes using drugs in sports
  66. Debate: Should public universities be free to attend?
  67. Debate: The Euro in the United Kingdom
  68. Debate: Global tax
  69. Debate: Legalization of sado-masochism
  70. Debate: Official visits to Yasukuni shrine in Japan
  71. Debate: Value of the United Nations
  72. Debate: Unicameral legislatures
  73. Debate: Tax on currency trading across borders (Tobin Tax)
  74. Debate: Surrogate mothers
  75. Debate: Should the rich pay more taxes to reduce inequality?
  76. Debate: Two-term limits on US presidents

Third tier debate articles for Debate Digest

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