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-*7+*7 - [[Debate:Veal, farming of]]
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Revision as of 09:12, 24 March 2008

Nominate yourself below to be published on the Daily Debate Digest on a specific debate. Indicate which debate you would like to publish on what date. Other debaters and Debatepedia's editors will help accomplish the goal of bringing your debate up to Feature Debate status by the date that you choose. If you succeed in meeting your objective, you will gain recognition on the main page in the Daily Debate Digest for your work. Before your is published, make sure to complete your user page bio so that we can give you good credit and recognition on the day that your debate goes onto the Digest on the main page.

March 2008

Great work everyone! This debate appeared on the main page's Daily Debate Digest, on-time, and highly developed on the 7th. -- Brooks Lindsay 12:18, 7 March 2008 (CST)

April 2008

May 2008

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