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Comments and arguments by User:Vladi

I would like to have a discussion debate about evolution, without making it a battle such as "Religion Vs. Science". I'd like the format of this debate to be more logical and less emotional. After all isn't that what we proud ourselves with being as humans, inteligent & rational beings? So let us be it! Let's look at evolution from a logical, rational & scientific view point. Let's be critical and demand observable and indisputable proof in order to substantiate our ideas.

I used to believe in the idea of Evolution. It is what I had been taught in school ever since I was a little child. I was told about billions of years etc. It was all repeated in textbooks and I had exams on it. I had to learn about the Jurasic era & the Cambrian era etc. On TV we are being told about it almost every day. So yes, I believed in it, without ever having asked my.self the question why!!! Then one day I did ask that question and I found very little if any indisputable proof at all.

I found lies, manipulation, "scientists" looking to have their name written in the text books for years to come. I also find a unwillingness to permit the existence of an "intelligent creator" or a God ( call it what you like ). But this is not the point, the point is it seems like there is an "agenda" behind the evolution idea. It seems to be dishonest and it seems to lack any real support.

I will leave it to this at the moment and develop this more at a later time if there is any interest.

Just shortly I wil list a few things: No real proof at all regarding the age of the universe. No real proof of an animal ever changing into a different kind of animal. In fact, we know of hundreds if not thousands of species that have become extinct during recorded history, but how many animals do we know of, that have evolved during the same period? We have been doing tests on mice and rabbits and whatever have you. We have been breading cats & dogs & cows etc, but what we see as end product is still mice and rabbits and cats and dogs and cows etc. Why is it we have not observed a single major variation? Geologic column is just impossible to explain. Why is it the layers in for example Grand Canyon, are virtually flat! Was there no erosion for millions and millions and millions of years?

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