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William Wnekowicz (Talk | contribs)
(Instructions for showing RSS feeds)
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The RSS Extension was just installed. Here's how to use it:


Use one section between <rss>-tags for each feed. The rss section may contain parameters separated by a pipe ("|"), just like links and templates.

These parameters are supported:

  • charset=… The charset used by the feed. iconv is used to convert this.
  • short Do not show the description text for each news item.
  • date Shows date/time stamp for each news item.
  • max=x Shows x most recent headlines.
  • highlight= term1 term2 The terms separated by a space are highlighted.
  • filter= term1 term2 Show only RSS items containing at least one of the terms.
  • filterout= term1 term2 Do not show any RSS items containing any terms
  • reverse Display the RSS items in reverse order


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