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-'''[ On Facebook]! News: [[Debate: Compulsory voting| Compulsory voting]] on Debate Digest.'''+'''Debate Digest: [[Debate: Teacher-student friendships on Facebook| Teacher-student friendships on Facebook]], [[Debate: Law school| Law school]], [[Debate: Balanced budget amendment to US Constitution| Balanced budget amendment]], [[Debate: US debt ceiling deal| US debt ceiling deal]].'''
-<br>'''More on Debate Digest: [[Debate: Puerto Rico statehood in America| Puerto Rico statehood]], [[Debate: DREAM Act| DREAM Act]], [[Debate: WikiLeaks release of US diplomatic cables| WikiLeaks release of US diplomatic cables]].'''+

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Debate Digest: Teacher-student friendships on Facebook, Law school, Balanced budget amendment, US debt ceiling deal.

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