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Volunteer an hour, two, or more, and we'll put you to socially-important use. There are hundreds of exciting content building, community-building, and even marketing tasks that needs doing and that you can help with. All you have to do is write, "I want to volunteer an hour", "I want to volunteer two hours", "I'm willing to volunteer three hours per week", and we'll give you exciting assignments to do. You can volunteer a specific amount of time by...

  • writing so on this page below
  • emailing Brooks Lindsay, the founder and editor, @
  • calling Brooks Lindsay @ 206 406 7558.
  • or by communicating with Brooks via IM
    • Yahoo Messenger: Brooks Lindsay, bhl4lindsay
    • Google G Chat: bhlindsay
    • Windows Live Messenger: Brooks,

Volunteer time pledges

  • Clodagh - Hi I would like to volunteer 3 hours per week. Regards.
  • Ishtiaq Ahmed Farooqi Hi. I would like to volunteer minimum 1 hour per day at least. Regards,
  • Jane Wylen jane37 - I would like to volunteer 5 hours a week.



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