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The technical section of the village pump is used to discuss technical issues about Debatepedia.

Debate software proposals and modifications, ongoing list:

  • We don't need the pencil icons on regular pages. In fact, it fouls-up the "contents" listings of subsections.
  • New debate functionality should be made more clear in relation to regular debate creation function.
  • Automatic generation of new user pamplet?
  • Automatic signage for registered editors?
  • Vote rationales and recording page. - One of the purposes of the site is to determine where users stand, or to get them to take a stand. One way of pressing this point would be to have them not just vote, but actually give the main rationales for their vote (this could be a window that pops down right under the vote circle/box); almost a test or check that individuals are actually thinking. This could then go into a new page, where all of the user’s positions/votes and rationales are presented in the respective pro/con format.
  • Using debate subquestion background box differently; as a place for user comments related to the subquestion?

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