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Debate: Women in the military

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Should women be in the military?


Background and Context of Debate:

When discussing the history of women in combat, one might think of Joan of Arc who in 1429, at age 17, successfully led French troops into battle against the English. Hundreds of women disguised themselves as men to fight in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Beginning in 1942, separate military services for women were established, but women did not gain professional military status until 1948 when President Truman signed the Women's Armed Services Integration Act which limited their number to 2 percent of the total military. In 1991, the restriction of women from flying combat aircraft was repealed, but the 1948 law still bans women from serving on naval combat vessels

Should Women be in the draft?


  • Women are equal and have the same skills as men. Women are always equal, if not better than men mentally. There are many jobs in the military that do not require physical skill, but are very necessary in time of war. And even some of the military jobs that do require physical strength can be done by women. Women are highly capable at most military jobs like working with computers, typing important documents, breaking enemies code, cooking food, doing the laundry, planning strategies and many more important jobs. There is no reason that women should be not allowed to do these jobs as women are equally as capable as men.


  • Most miltary jobs require physical work that women are not capable of. Women are generally not physically equal to men. On the aggregate, women are not as strong as men. Putting them on the front lines is of great risk to them and the military. The military requires a wide range of skills and strength, often not found in women. It is safer and more logical to only have men in a job like the military as women sometimes cannot handle these kinds of jobs.

Should women be in military jobs that require little or no physical strength?



Various combat and non combat incidents involving women prove women's participation in the military is very dangerous

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