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Debate: Was the Apollo moon landing fake?

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Was the 1969 moon landing faked?


Background and Context of Debate:

There has been a huge amount of conspiracy surrounding whether man really did land on the moon in 1969 with Neil Armstrong, Michael Colins & Buzz Aldin. Some skeptics say the whole thing was faked and recorded in a studio after taxpayers were paying for the space travel and the President's promise in 1961 to get humans into space by the end of the decade and they didn't want to disappoint America.

Some scientists have successfully "proven wrong" some skeptic's arguments but there is still doubt surrounding this issue.

At the end of the day though, really, no-one knows the whole truth except for Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Colins and anyone who has actually "been into space" (or a faking studio).

Does the fact that there were no stars in the background mean the 1969 moon landing may have been faked?


The view into space is very similar to he view into the sky from Earth.

There are planets and stars in the sky on the moon, and if they weren't in the footage taken (which there wasn't) then they probably recorded the whole thing in a studio. There were no stars put in because they were worried people might be skeptical about the constellations and therefore left them out. They knew if anyone questined that moved they would have an excuse (given in the "no" section of this article).


The astronauts had very bright spacesuits.

With the exposure of the camera used for the moon landing, it shows the bright spacesuits and moon surface, and these were too bright for the stars in the background to be seen.

The flag was waving and rippling: Does this prove the moon landing was a hoax?


There is no wind on the moon.

Because there is no wind on the moon, it would not have been possible for the flag to wave like it did. it must have been recorded in a studio with a breeze flowing.


Scientists have proven scientifically that even though there is no wind on the moon, it is still possible for the flag to look like it is blowing in the breeze, because of the way Buzz Aldrin planted the flag.

Is it possible for moon landings to be faked without anyone knowing or revealing the fact that it was a "hoax"?


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