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Debate: Veal

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Veal Farm - The Facts About Veal : [] Veal Farm - The Facts About Veal : []

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Should we ban baby cows being farmed and killed for veal?


Background and Context of Debate:

Veal has for many years and in many cultures, been eaten and baby cows killed for it. Veal may taste very nice, but animal rights protesters say that it is a complete abuse to animal rights of calves. They say the way the cows are killed and their living conditions are appalling.

Argument #1


Veal farming is a complete abuse to baby cows.

Baby cows are taken away from their mothers the day they are born and sold at auctions. When sold, they are taken to a tiny wooden crate that they will live in for the rest of their short lives. They cannot excercise or even lie down. They contract diseases and grow extremely weak, not to mention that this crate is in total darkness. The cows are cruelly treated and after about 3 months are killed and eaten for human pleasure.

This mistreatment must stop and a ban would really boost animal's rights and welfare. [1]


There is a huge industry for veal farming.

If we were to ban veal farming, many people would lose their jobs and the whole veal industry would be destroyed. Many people do make a living out of killing veal and selling the meat. It would be bad for the industry, our economy and - nearly everyone. Chefs, farmers, butchers; even truck drivers would be affected if veal farming was banned. It would mean a loss of many, many jobs, people's careers and people's money; lots of people would lose wages and lose many. Just think of how big a blow this would be on society.

Argument #2


A ban would make human rights protestors happy.

Many people are unhappy with the way cows are treated in the process of making veal. And because of this, many people refuse to buy veal. If a ban on veal farming was put in place, not only would it please cows, but also many people concerned for animal welfare.

Veal is becoming in less and less demand recently as people refuse to buy it.

Many people who are concerned about animal rights refuse to buy veal. The number of people who don't buy it are in the millions and this number is increasing as anti-veal campaigners spread the message about how cruel cows are treated in the process of making veal. Many people have stopped buying veal and restaurants have started to take this product off the menu and therefore veal is in less demand. Banning veal production would please more people than it would disappoint.


Veal has been part of many countries cultures for hundreds of years.

Since many hundreds of years ago, humas have realised about how to make veal and that it tastes nice. It has become part of many countries' cultures and banning the production of veal would hurt these countries. Veal farming has been going on for hundreds of years.

Argument #3


Many people are against whaling, this is even worse.

Many people are opposed to practises such as whaling and killing pig, lamb or other animals for meat. Killing this meat for veal is just like these practises, except even worse. The living conditions the cows lived in for their short lives were appalling, the cows were constantly contracting diseases, were forced to be weak and sore all over, all the time.

Animals like chickens and sheep have much better living conditions than cows used in veal - these cows get shoved into a tiny crate and then get killed in a bloody death.

This is, really, like whaling except even worse: About 1000 whales every year are killed, but veal get killied every day in the thousands. And, at least whales get freedom during their lifetime.


Veal tastes very nice

Many people enjoy eating the meat of veal. It is very tender and tastes magnificent. People like the taste and want more and more. Most restaurants serve veal and since it has a good taste reputation, they make good business out of it. Banning the production would be a huge upset and cause problems and businesses would lose business.

And also, many, many veal meals can be made from the one cow, so it's not as if the animals go to waste.


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