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Debate: Society should outlaw very harmful activities

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Reasons to agree

  1. Yes, society has a right to protect people's freedoms, but government has also been hired to protect people from other people.
  2. Government has an interest in our people not destroying themselves. Governments can increase their countries power if they improve the overall and per capita health and education of their citizens. Some governments are better than other governments. Good governments support human rights, freedom of the press, protection of the environment, the rule of law. Good governments need more power to compete against bad governments.

Reasons to disagree

Interest, values, and assumptions of those who agree

Interest & Values of those who disagree

Movies That Agree

Parent debate


  • Reasons to agree: +4
  • Reasons to disagree: -0
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  • Total: +4

Alternative ways of saying the same thing

    1. Assumption: Society should regulate activities that it feels are harmful.

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