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Debate: Should overweight airplane passengers be charged more?

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Should fat air passengers be charged extra for their extra weight?


Background and Context of Debate:

Is it necessary to charge fat passengers extra when flying?


They charge a lot for excess baggage, there isn't a difference. Airline companies charge ridiculously large amounts for excess baggage weight. They even charge for a bag just 1kg (0.6 pounds) overweight. If a person is so fat that the airline needs to pay more for fuel consumption, the airline can't afford to pay out of their own pocket. Fat people are usually more than just a few kgs (or pounds) overweight. If the airline can't afford bags and luggage that is too heavy, then really, they can't afford to pay for fat people either. A small fee for overweight passengers certainly would be sensible and okay.


That is discrimination.

Most people weigh under the standard weight and their payment for a larger expected weight would cover the cost for overweight people.

A fat passenger who flies regularly would really suffer.

There is no comparison between a person and a suitcase.

Are excess weight fees too expensive?


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Airlines spend a lot of money to run services. Airlines do spend a lot of money on running services. It is fair to charge a small fee if the airline needs to pay extra in fuel costs and service. A small fee does cover the cost of the extra weight and is vital to ensure airlines don't lose money. This is a legitimate cost and is not too expensive. It is ridiculous to say that airlines profit from excess baggage fees - they just ask for enough money to cover for the extra weight.

If customers choose to have too much luggage, that is the customer's fault.

It is not the airline's fault if customers have too much weight in their luggage. Customers choose to do that and they have to pay as a consequence.

Would it be offensive to fat people if they got charged extra?


Of course it would be.


It is not the airline's fault that people are fat. The extra fees are necessary to cover extra costs.


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