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Debate: Parking Fines

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Is it fair to issue parking fines to people who park their car longer than the alloctaed time?


Background and Context of Debate:

Should parking cops give fines to people who park their car longer than the sign indicates? These fines having been annoying people for years.

Should officers be more lenient when issuing parking fines?



Are parking fines fair?


  • People are aware of the laws.

If someone breaks the law, they deserve to get punished. Parking somewhere for too long is breaking the law so it is appropriate to charge a small fine because the person is aware of the law and they have broken it.


  • It is just revenue raising.

The council doesn't care about how long you park for, they just want to make money (revenue) from you. This is not fair because they are just profiting from your accidental "illegal" parking.

Should people have to pay to park their car?


  • It often costs a lot of money to build a car park.

Because it costs a lot to build a carpark, the company who built it needs the money back and a little bit of profit. A small fee will provide money to the company who built the carpark and help them get back the money they spent building it. There is nothing wrong with that, it is just profiting from their business. If they didn't, what would be the point? None.


  • Everyone needs to put their car somewhere, why make them pay?

The council should not profit from people parking their cars. This is unfair. It is an inevitable thing that people need to put their car somewhere will they shop or go to work, and they don't want people profiting from it.


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