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Debate: Light pollution

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Is light pollution a problem and should we try to fix it?


Background and Context of Debate:

Light pollution is when human create a high amount of light. Many people consider it annoying. This debate discusses the issue of light pollution in more detail.

Is light pollution a problem?


  • It disrupts wildlife. Excessive light pollution in cities can result in the disruption of wildlife due to the confusion caused by the artificial light level over day and night.


  • It doesn't harm anyone. Light pollution is only a bit of light. It has never been known to cause any serious illnesses.

Can light pollution be eradicated?


  • It is caused by humans, so humans can eradicate it. Humans can easily stop using some things that produce light. This may be inconvenient for some people but it would be successful in eradicating light pollution.


  • Humans are used to using electrical goods. Humans are now very used to electrical goods, and as a result they would struggle to stop using them.

Should light pollution be eradicated?


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