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Debate: HIV status should be made public

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Should the fact that individuals have HIV/AIDS be made public?


Background and Context of Debate:

Risks: Does risk of HIV and lies about status justify making it public?


  • Many people disregard the risks to others. It should be made public as in many cases we have seen hiv+ person, despite knowing that he is infected, marrys, thus transmitting the disease to the spouse as well as future progeny.


  • Violates Privacy of Responsible HIV+ People Most people who know they have HIV will let their partners or at least use contraception, and some limit themselves to other people with the disease. The fact that some HIV+ people lie about it does not justify violating the privacy rights of those that don't. Making laws against HIV+ having sex without informing their partners of their disease and enforcing them is a good enough response to the danger to the public.

Public health: Would making HIV status public help reduce HIV transmission?


  • Making the HIV status of a person public acts as public warning system. With HIV being such a potent and stigmatised disease, people would regard this 'warning' seriously and it would deter people from having sex with HIV positive people.


  • People are unlikely to check before having sex When people are about to have sex, especially with someone they just met they are unlikely to think to check a database to make sure their partner doesn't have HIV. Even if the sex is part of a long-term relationship people will be unlikely to suspect they have the disease and take the time to check.

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