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Debate: Drinking coffee

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What are the pros and cons of drinking coffee?


Background and Context of Debate:

Does drinking coffee improve physical health?


  • Coffee lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Due to Boron content, drinking coffee helps to prevent prostate cancer.
  • Coffee may prevent gallstones.


  • Coffee increases the risk of heart attack. Drinking too much coffee raise the chances of suffering a heart attack. Coffee also contains terpenoid, a compound known for increasing cholesterol levels.
  • Coffee can induce stomach problems. Coffee raises stomach acidity levels, which can induce stomach ulcers and impair digestion.
  • Drinking coffee can lead to sleep disorder.

Is caffeine beneficial?


  • Caffeine helps to stay alert. After drinking some coffee one becomes alert and concentrated, which helps e.g. to finish some work.


  • Attention falls abruptly, after the effect of caffeine has subsided. The alertness induced by caffeine lasts only for a limited time. After the effects of caffeine has subsided, the concentration falls the more. This is dangerous especially for drivers and generally people operating some machinery.
  • Caffeine is addictive. Albeit a rather soft one, caffeine definitely is a drug, so drinking coffee can become an addiction. Quitting drinking coffee may well be accompanied by abstinence symptoms.

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