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Debate: Cell phones in schools

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Should cell phones be allowed in school or banned?

Silent mode: Is silent mode okay or should they be turned off?


  • Silent cell phones won't distract anybody There will be no disruption if the students are required to keep their cell phones in their pockets and not use them for calling or texting except in an emergency. This would be more convenient for calling for a ride after school or making a phone call if an emergency happens at school.


  • Most students ignore rules to silence cell phones. Even though students are required to switch their cell phone to silent mode and are not allowed to use it, the majority of them just ignore the rules. Silent mode is not off and most kids still use their phones.

Concentration: Can kids concentrate with cell phones around?


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  • Mobile phones are a distraction. Even if the phone is on "silent" mode, still a curiosity holds a part of your mind on the cell phone. Your mind keeps you bugging on and on what if someone called or someone messaged. This also distracts you from concentrating on your studies.

Emergencies: Are cell phones useful in emergency situation?


  • Mobile phones are vital in emergency cases. In case of emergency students can call their parents or ambulance faster.


  • Mobile phones when earthquake is useless. Although mobile phones is useful when emergency situation happened, it could be some kind of foolish when you were trying calling your parents or ambulance when earthquake occurred. As you can see, after the earthquake happened, the communication systems are not functional anymore.
  • Alternatives in emergency situation. There are many telephone booths provided in a city. Nowadays, school have a telephone booth in case there were any emergency situation happened. So, bringing mobile phones to school for emergency situation can not be excused.

Could mobile phones be used as an educational tool in the classroom?


Yes! There is for example a phenomenal piece of software that allows the user to 'see' the night sky without the aid of a telescope.If for example, the sky is cloudy,murky or even daylight- no problem. Just point the phone at the sky and it 'shows' in detail the stars,planets etc - with descriptions! cost? - less than £2 or even free in some cases. Me? - no particular interest in technology, just practical items of which this is. No more need for telescopes that turn into clothes hangers after a month. In my oppinion its a generation problem (I'm 48) older generation of which many teachers are see mobiles as a threat not a tool.


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