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Debate: B.C. and A.D.

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Are the terms B.C. and A.D. appropriate or are B.C.E and C.E. better?

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Background and Context of Debate:

Before Christ abbreviated as BC or B.C., also known as Ante Christum Natum, is used to denote years reckoned backwards from the birth date of Jesus Christ and used in the Gregorian Calendar. The use of BC is believed to originate with the Bede in the 8th century but only became popular in the modern era.

This debate discusses the use of Before Christ.

Part of this introduction uses text from the Wikipedia article on before christ

Are people disrespecting non Christian Religions when they use BC?


  • The existence of Christ is not accepted by many religions. By using the existence of christ in the date system you are going aainst there religion.


  • It is just a phrase. It does not say that any religion is right or wrong, it is just comparing a time to the possible date of Christ's existence.

Pro/con resources



Should BCE (Before the common era) be used instead?


  • It does not promote certain religious beliefs. The existence of Christ is not accepted by many religions. By using the existence of Christ in the date system, you are implying that Christian religions are more accurate than others.


The year "0" is based on the believed year that Jesus was born, and using B.C.E. just ignores that. Everyone can accept that the calendar is based off of Jesus, even if they don't agree that it should be. It should not be considered offensive to know this.


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