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Argument: US leaders should not honor dead soldiers by keeping live ones in harms way

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The occupation of Iraq has been fraught with mistakes, from the failure to stop looting and the order to disband the Iraqi army to setting the size of the occupation force too low. But to send more troops, as some Democrats suggest, would compound mistakes. The president argued in Salt Lake City that the deaths of 1,864 American soldiers in Iraq was an argument to keep fighting. He said, 'We owe them something. We will finish the task that they gave their lives for.'
To our dead we owe honor and respect. To the living we owe good judgment. To send our soldiers to Iraq is to tell them their risk is America's gain — that exposing them to death is necessary. That is now doubtful. There is little evidence to back up the president's claim that if we don't kill the Iraqi insurgents there, we will face them here. "

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