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Argument: Three Gorges Dam improves navigability of upstream waterways

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Supporting evidence

Last year witnessed a total sluice-gate operation of 8719 times with a total of 75,000 ship/times to ply in and fro through the gate and a passenger flow of 1.72 million person/times and the goods transport to have reached 34.30 million tons. The annual goods transport volume passing through the sluice gate has seen double that of 18 million tons (the highest transport volume) since the completion of the hinge project at Gezhou Dam."
  • "Three Gorges Dam, disaster in the making?". Earth Facts. February 8th,. 2008 - "The Yangtze River is an important shipping route through China because many industries and farmlands are located along the banks. With deepened waters, navigation through the reservoir will be improved for cargo ships. A lock system that takes four hours for each ship to complete has been installed to bypass the dam’s water level difference. The Yangtze River, known to have been dangerous to navigate through prior to the construction of Three Gorges Dam, will now be safer and easier travel."

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