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Argument: There is strong public support for No Child Left Behind

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

"Critics are many, but law has solid public support". School Reform News. March 2004 - "Solid Public Support. Bush and NCLB supporters on Capitol Hill also pointed to evidence of public support for NCLB standards and accountability. A national survey conducted in early January for Americans for Better Education by The Winston Group found a solid majority of Americans view NCLB favorably, with support highest among African-Americans and parents of children in public schools. [...] More than 100 black and Latino school officials signed a letter to Congress condemning calls to repeal NCLB’s accountability requirements, asserting the naysayers would “turn back the clock to a time when schools--particularly in suburban communities--could coast comfortably on the performance of a handful of high-performing students and hide serious problems behind misleading averages."

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