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Argument: Subsidies of art diminish incentives and quality

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Brian Micklethwaits. "Against arts subsidies". Libertarian Alliance. - Were I the Minister for The Arts charged with the futile task of finishing off Art once and for all, the Arts Council would get a much increased budget. The idea would be to corrupt all artists, good and bad, by giving them huge piles of money in exchange for nothing. They’d either loll about in idleness, or thrash out rubbish as never before. The good, uncorrupted artists would despair and die. In other words the ruination of art would require the Arts Council to do just what it does now, only more so. Arts subsidies are like foreign aid. They are supposed to help, but in fact they only feed the people who make the biggest difficulties for real artists. Just as with the foreign aid racket, the closer you get to the Arts racket the more it stinks. (I met some of the creatures who work for the Arts Council when doing drama at University.)

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