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Argument: Russia agreed in 1917 S. Ossetia was part of Georgia

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Chapter 4 of "The Georgian - South Ossetian Conflict" - "After the collapse of the Tsarist Empire in 1917 (of which Georgia had been part of since 1801) Georgia declared its independence. Georgia formed the Democratic Republic of Georgia, led by the Georgian social democrats - the so-called Menshevics. The country was recognised by several Western states (Sakvarelidze 1993, p.27). On 7 May 1920, a treaty of friendship was signed between Georgia and Russia in which, according to Georgian sources Russia recognised South Ossetia as an integral part of Georgia. It was named as Tiflis Gubernia and included the district Shida Kartli, therefore including what was to become the South Ossetian Autonomous Region (Oblast)"

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