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Argument: Publics exposed to crime support greater gun control

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Supporting evidence

  • Robert F. Drinan, Former Democratic US Congressman from Mass. and member of the House judiciary Committee, "Gun Control: The Good Outweighs the Evil", 1976 - "In order to buttress his self-defense argument, Prof. Kates suggests that those most likely to be victimized by criminal assaults, the poor people living in the central cities, are opposed to gun control legislation, particularly those proposals which would deprive them of their right to purchase handguns for self-defense. The rich, who have escaped the crime-infested central cities and have less need for handguns, Prof. Kates asserts, are the prime advocates of gun control. This position is directly contradicted by several public opinion polls which demonstrate that support for stringent gun control laws is highest in the high-crime areas of the central cities. For example, a Gallup Poll -survey released in June 1975 indicates that 66% of the American people living in cities with populations over one million favor banning handguns. Clearly, those most familiar with the problem of our nation's soaring crime rate, its most frequent victims, are the strongest advocates of gun control. Those who might be expected to adopt Prof. Kates's self-defense argument most fervently in fact reject it most overwhelmingly."

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