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Argument: Nuclear energy risks being diverted to nuclear weapons development

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Supporting evidence

♥ "Nuclear's Fatal Flaws: Proliferation." Global Citizen. Retrieved January 24, 2008: "International treaties leave non-weapons states free to use and develop sensitive nuclear technology such as uranium enrichment and spent nuclear fuel reprocessing. While such technologies are ostensibly employed to create fuel in power reactors, they may be easily adjusted or redirected to produce weapons-grade fissile material. Moreover, power reactors themselves produce plutonium, which may be used in bombs. Once the nuclear genie is out of the bottle, it becomes impossible to restrict its use to “peaceful” purposes.

In practice, there is no way to segregate nuclear technologies employed for 'peaceful' purposes from technologies that may be employed in weapons—the former may be, and have been, transformed; into the latter. The myth of the “peaceful atom” is belied by the easy modification of a nuclear energy infrastructure to create the material required for a nuclear bomb."

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