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Argument: MBA offers knowledge/experience key to confidence/leadership

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Supporting quotations

Dr. Ranee Kaur Banerjee. "Top 10 reasons to get an MBA." Bright Hub. June 8th, 2010: "#3: 'The MBA will give me more confidence in my job' No doubt about it, the MBA will certainly enhance your personality. Once you've been through the rigorous 2 year course packed with projects, group exercises, assignments, tests, presentations, internships and more, you'll be more than capable of holding your own in most situations that may come up in your work life."

"Pros and cons of joining an MBA program school." "The confidence that the knowledge [from an MBA] instills in an individual enables him to survive the toughest of business situations in ease and maintain the competitive edge."

Christopher Cummings. "Is An MBA Necessary For Product Managers?" January 18th, 2010: "My MBA experience deepened my understanding of how business works, expanded my managerial toolkit, and gave me a welcome +20 in self-confidence. Within days of starting my first course, I was forging connections between what I was learning in school and how I was approaching my work."

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