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Argument: Laser pointers have the ability to bring down aircraft and cause major accidents.

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==Parent Debate:== ==Parent Debate:==
-[[Debate:Laser pointers, ban on]]+[[Debate: Ban on laser pointers]]
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==Supporting quotes:== ==Supporting quotes:==

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Parent Debate:

Debate: Ban on laser pointers

Supporting quotes:

Morris Iemma, NSW Premier said after banning laser pointers in NSW said, "I cannot underestimate the potential, the catastrophic consequences if a plane is brought down by one of these fools, these idiots."

Dan Kidder, a spokesman for the National Air Transportation Association, a trade group that includes charter airlines. - "You're in an airplane, you're on final approach and suddenly you can't see. You can't see your instruments. You can't see your runway. There's the potential for a major accident."[1]

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