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Argument: Gays are taxpaying citizens, deserve marriage benefits

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Ted Olson. "The conservative case for gay marriage." Newsweek. January 12, 2010: "No matter what you think of homosexuality, it is a fact that gays and lesbians are members of our families, clubs, and workplaces. They are our doctors, our teachers, our soldiers (whether we admit it or not), and our friends. They yearn for acceptance, stable relationships, and success in their lives, just like the rest of us." [And, it should be added, they pay taxes just like the rest of us, so should be afforded the benefits of marriage as well.]

Christopher Ott. "Banning same-sex marriage would protect no one." February 8, 2005: "Do [opponents] really think it's fair for gay and lesbian people to pay the same taxes as everyone else, but to be denied the hundreds of rights, benefits and protections of marriage?"

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