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Argument: Filibuster perverts rules meant to promote debate

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Ezra Klein. "Debate the filibuster. The filibuster would want it that way." The American Prospect. February 17th, 2009: "The filibuster is a byproduct of the Senate's right to unlimited debate. The idea was that the Senate would be a body of reasoned deliberation. The rule was meant to promote argument, not require super majorities. Indeed, it wasn't until Woodrow Wilson that the Senate could even vote down a senator trying to talk a bill to death. They changed the rules because the right to unlimited debate had changed: It had been transformed from a guardian of democratic deliberation into a tool for undemocratic obstruction. [...] So get rid of the filibuster. Now that the filibuster doesn't even require excess speech, it's come completely unmoored from the right to unlimited debate."

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