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Argument: European youth are not more responsible drinkers

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Robert Voas. "There's no benefit to lowering the drinking age". Christian Science Monitor. January 12, 2006 - Do European countries really have fewer youth drinking problems? No, that's a myth. Compared to American youth, binge drinking rates among young people are higher in every European country except Turkey. Intoxication rates are higher in most countries; in the Britain, Denmark, and Ireland they're more than twice the US level. Intoxication and binge drinking are directly linked to higher levels of alcohol-related problems, such as drinking and driving.

"Drinking age saves lives, is good policy". The Daily Tar Heel. 3 Oct. 2007 - "In Europe, where more liberal drinking laws exist, there are higher levels of youth binge drinking than in the United States. "

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