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Argument: Dutch doctors have abused legal euthanasia in their country

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Supporting quotations

Richard Fenigsen, "Dutch euthanasia revisited, " Issues in Law & Medicine, Winter 1997 v13 n3 p301-311 - "Dr. Fenigsen says the Dutch are not on a slippery slope, "Dutch doctors who practice euthanasia are not on a slope. From the very beginning they have been at the bottom." Dr Fenigsen found "involuntary euthanasia…is rampant. . ..a staggering 62% of all newborns' and infants' deaths resulted from 'medical decisions,'" further to this, in 1995 alone there were 900 lethal injections given to patients who had not requested euthanasia.. It revealed that 189 were fully competent and could have been consulted about their consent but were not. Fenigsen concludes that "those who contend that it is possible to accept and practice ‘voluntary’ euthanasia and not allow involuntary totally disregard the Dutch reality.”[1]

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