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Argument: Democratic front runner, Hillary Clinton, in a January 2008 debate claimed that since action was tolerated 10 years ago to take out Al Qaeda, it is acceptable today.

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  • Hillary Clinton: Ok to target Al Qaeda in Pakistan; we did that 10 years ago - "We did take action similar to what has been described about 10 years ago, based on what was thought to be actionable intelligence, sending in missiles to try to target bin Laden and his top leadership who were thought to be at a certain meeting place. They were not taken out at the time. So we have to be very conscious of all the consequences. I think it's imperative that any actionable intelligence that would lead to a strike inside Pakistan's territory be given the most careful consideration. And at some point--probably when the missiles have been launched--the Pakistani government has to know they're on the way. Because one of the problems is the inherent paranoia about India in the region in Pakistan, so that we've got to have a plan to try to make sure we don't ignite some kind of reaction."

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