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Argument: Calorie counts make it easier to judge calories in foods

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==Parent debate== ==Parent debate==
-*[[Debate: Mandatory calories counts on menus]]+*[[Debate: Mandatory calorie counts on menus]]
==Supporting quotations== ==Supporting quotations==

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

"Should Restaurants Be Required To Post Calorie Information?". Dr. Dolgoff's Weigh. Dr. Dolgoff. July 19th, 2009: "As a pediatrician and child obesity specialist, I spend my days talking to overweight families. I am constantly surprised at the lack of knowledge about calories and nutrition. While it may seem obvious that certain foods have a lot of calories, most people are unaware of exactly how many calories they contain."

"The Best Appetite Suppressant Would Be Mandatory Calorie Counts On Menus" Life Fitness Blog. August 4, 2009: "People often misjudge not only the amount of calories they consume in a day, but they mistakenly believe they are ordering a nutritious menu item at a restaurant when really they ordering entrees that are laden with unwanted calories and fat. For example, Olive Garden’s grilled chicken crostada has 1270 calories and a whopping 75 grams of fat. Wow! People may mistakenly see “grilled” and think that this has to be healthier than something that is fried. On no planet, is that meal anything but a heart attack on a plate. Salads, unfortunately, often fair no better. At Sweet Tomatoes, the 100% whole wheat creamy chipotle vegetarian salad has an unbelievable 700 calories and 50 grams of fat per serving. Ouch. If you had thought that whole wheat and vegetarian connote a heart healthy menu offering. Sadly, you would have been wrong."

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