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Argument: Building nuclear power plants takes too long

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Supporting evidence

  • Time for Change - "The time frame needed for formalities, planning and building of a new nuclear power generation plant is in the range of 20 to 30 years in the western democracies. In other words: It is an illusion to build new nuclear power plants in a short time."
  • "The case against nuclear power". Greenpeace. January 8, 2008: "Nuclear is not an available power source in the Philippines, and, given the DOE’s power forecasts, a nuclear plant will be a poor choice to meet power demand because it takes too long to build. Being modular and decentralized by nature, new renewable energy can be expanded and built much more rapidly (and operated more efficiently given the country's archipelagic character) than nuclear and conventional polluting sources."
  • "The case against nuclear power". Greenpeace. January 8, 2008: "nuclear plants take long to build, sometimes taking a decade. Historically, no nuclear power station has ever been built on time and within budget. The Greenpeace report “The Economics of Nuclear Power” shows that, worldwide, the last ten reactors built have averaged at least 300% over budget. In stark contrast, proven renewable energy technologies are available now, can be constructed and brought online quickly, and therefore provide immediate cuts in greenhouse gases. For example, construction time for installing a large wind turbine has fallen to only two weeks, with an associated planning period of between one to two years."
  • "The case against nuclear power". Greenpeace. January 8, 2008 - "[Myth:] 'The only way to keep the lights on is by building new nuclear power stations.' Nuclear power cannot keep the lights on because reactors take too long to build. Within the next 10 years, as some existing coal and nuclear plants close, the electricity they currently produce will need to be met from other sources. This is before any new nuclear plants could possibly come on stream. The most optimistic date from the nuclear industry for one new nuclear plant to be producing electricity is 2017. But realistically a nuclear power station has never been built on time and on budget. Nuclear power will not ‘keep the lights on’. Instead we’ll need energy efficiency, cleaner use of fossil fuels, renewables and state of the art decentralised power stations."

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