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Argument: Animal testing is just if it reduces human suffering

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Supporting quotations

Libbie Reed. "The Case Against Animal Testing". Helium - "The notion of animals being subjected to various forms of suffering is, to say the very least, sickening. There is no way to allay the repugnance of tests carried out in the name of mankind. But, is there a mother alive who wouldn't thank God for an animal tested drug that could save the life of her child? Would any one of us be prepared to undergo surgery without anesthetic? How many of us use Ventolin for asthma, Insulin for diabetes or Antihistamine for hay fever?

We all use shampoos, deodorant, makeup, and sun creams and expect them to be safe. We all want, maybe even expect, a cure for cancer and HIV some day. And we all marvel at the little girl or boy who will live, thanks to an organ transplant.

Would any of us really have it any other way. Faced with a life threatening situation, would you want someone to save the dog, rabbit, mouse ...... or you?"

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