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Argument: Adopting the philosophy of animal rights is individual fulfilling

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==Parent debate== ==Parent debate==
-*[[Debate:Animal Experimentation]]+*[[Debate: Animal testing]]
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==Supporting quotations== ==Supporting quotations==

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Tom Regan, an American animal right philosopher. "The Philosophy of Animal Rights". Retrieved May 6th, 2008 - "The philosophy of animal rights is individually fulfilling Explanation: All the great traditions in ethics, both secular and religious, emphasize the importance of four things: knowledge, justice, compassion, and autonomy. The philosophy of animal rights is no exception. This philosophy teaches that our choices should be based on knowledge, should be expressive of compassion and justice, and should be freely made. It is not easy to achieve these virtues, or to control the human inclinations toward greed and indifference. But a whole human life is imposssible without them. The philosophy of animal rights both calls for, and its acceptance fosters the growth of, individual self-fulfillment."

Henry Salt - "Humaneness is not a dead external precept, but a living impulse from within; not self-sacrifice, but self-fulfillment."[1]

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