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Argument: A terrorist strike on a nuclear facility could be devastating

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

"Nuclear’s Fatal Flaws: Security". Public Citizen. Retrieved 1.24.08 - "The 9/11 Commission noted in June 2004 that al Qaeda’s original plan for September 11 was to hijack 10 airplanes and crash two of them into nuclear plants.[1] A successful attack would release “large quantities of radioactive materials to the environment.”[2] A September 2004 study by Dr. Ed Lyman of the Union of Concerned Scientists, using the NRC’s own analysis method, found that a worst-case accident or attack at the Indian Point nuclear plant 35 miles north of New York City could cause up to 43,700 immediate fatalities and up to 518,000 long-term cancer deaths. Such a release could cost up to $2.1 trillion, and would force the permanent relocation of 11.1 million people.[3]"

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