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Background and Context of Debate: Messianic Judaism

Netzarim Paqid 16 Yirmeyahu, I'd like to thank you for helping to get the Messianic Judaism debate off the ground, however your edits to the Background and Context section seem very slanted to the con side of the debate. When I wrote the original B&C section I was trying to sound as painstakingly neutral as possible, just following general Debatepedia protocol. Your B&C described Christianity as "anti-Torah". Statements revealing bias such as this should go to the relevant side of the debate. In view of this I've reverted the B&C to the original. But please don't take offense or get discouraged. Thanks.User:England4ever

Debate: Messianic Judaism

Please at least try to transfer some actual arguments from the website you mentioned to your side of the debate, otherwise casual viewers may never get to see your actual arguments because they can't be bothered to follow your links. User: England4ever

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