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Howdy, My Name is Rox, and I'm an avid policy debater (or will soon be...) This time I'm not stopping till I reach the top, so maybe I could run into ya.

My debate captain hates me, so I have to research on my own and figure out how to do stuff. (But I have watched policy debate matches, and even been in some of them too, so I know most of the terms.)

I'm a freshmen in highshool and the foreign language I take is Latin. Sure I may never use it, but it sure does make learning english easier!

Some of my hobbies are writing stories, doodling, video games, and karate. They are all so fun! I even enjoy acting but I don't have enough stamina to go to that many rehearsals.

I must leave to learn (or do Homework >:/) So vale! (Latin for bye)

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