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Hey, my name is Lenka, I am a 18-year-old student from Prague (capital of the Czech Republic).

As far as my debating experience is concerned, I am a former member of the Czech National Debate Team (season 2008/2009), a winner of both Czech and English Debate League in the Czech Republic (season 2008/2009), and currently a coach of a Debate Club Nad Aleji (Young) and a member of the Czech National Squad.

I participated at ESDC Stuttgart 2008, WSDC Athens 2009, WIDPSC Lithuania 2010, WSDA Slovenia 2010, Youth Forum Netherlands 2010, and Heart of Europe 2010.

Apart from debating I play football, write stories and paint. I am passionate about maths, economics, politics and physics - but most importantly, I am a debater who loves her "job".

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