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Argument deleted

I deleted the first Pro argument in this debate not so much because I am biased against it but because it was a tautology, and not really a proper argument as it never gave any reason why secularism is good except that it is secular. This is what they've contributed, anything bracketed has been added by me after having copied it to the discussion page to explain my point.

"Church involvement in politics (non-secularism) violates separation from State (secularism). It is important that a separation between Church and State (secularism) be maintained. This is key to the maintenance of neutral and secular society (secularism), where no particular religious view becomes endorsed by the state, at a cost to other, possibly clashing religious views (definition of secularism). Church's should respect this principle (secularism) and subsequently separate themselves from the politics of the state (practicing secularism)."

So basically they've just said the following:

"Non-secularism violates secularism. It is important that secularism be maintained. This is key to secularism, which is secular. Churches should respect secularism and practice secularism."

Yes, I am biased, but a fallacy like this is an eyesore on a website like this.

User: England4ever

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