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My husband and myself watched the entire debate with full focus. We are neither republicans nor democrats and still undecided, that was until last night. We both were very impressed with the way McCain answered all the questions and his demur. We found Obama scrambled for answers and at times appear flustered. Twice he called McCain by the wrong name and eight times he said "John you are right". This is not a leader nor can this country afford to have a person with such obvious lack of experience, be the head honcho. Being a history buff since I was a child, Obama did not have his facts correct. He flipped flopped on his agenda and issues and reminds us of Kerry. I realize some of the answers McCain gave were perhaps considered unpopular but found his answers to be realistic and honest.

As a country we can no longer keep bailing out everyone for everything,as it is we are taxed to death already. We agreed totally with his agenda to get this country's finances back on track. The main issue we agreed with was getting rid of waste spending and holding people accountable. Greed got us in this financial mess so why should those of us who have worked hard all our lives now, pay and reward their greed that they now have to deal with the down fall.

We have a great chance of having the worst inexperienced president ever in Obama and I place blame on the bias media. They push Obama in our faces like he is the second coming of Christ. We really don't know enough about this man or his family. We do know however that he has omitted to have been Islamic. No one really has questioned how he ended up with his middle name. He will also not be the First Black American President as he is not BLACK, he is also half white. We don't know enough about his wife who would be first lady. The media needs to start reporting fair and balanced statements.

Oprah backss Obama should speak volumes to the public. In all the years as nothing more than a talk show host, who has dozens of producers making her and her show what it is, has never come forth and announced her backing of any other candidate, could it be because he is black first and above all? Which only means in truth that she is perhaps a racist. To many of the black communities this appears to be all about the regain of black power and something for all of us to fear. Now I write this having black family members myself.

All I suggest is everyone actually listen to the canidates themselves as well as look at their records. Oops forgot! Obama has none. -- User:Greenbull

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