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My Opinion

I don't know how many of the readers are going to be American, but I am. A commonly analyzed subject is its process of independence. It was a violent path, littered with carnage and gore. Here's the thing: if America did it, so can Kosovo. They cannot be denied the right to become an independent state in our international unions. They are just as capable as we were. Granted, in the two years they have been a viable nation, they have not reinforced their government enough. Their constitution demands and supposedly ensures a utopia. But nobody's perfect. The reality is, too many people have died in the two official attempts to gain independence, due to genocide, massacres, and organized warfare. If a country wants independence, the UN should accept them as a brother country and give them the required support to get on their feet and house a successful economy. I support the sovereignty of Kosovo. Now the UN needs to.

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