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An "eye for an eye" is just

I never understood why people take up for criminals on death row. Saying that it is mean and that it will hurt them. Umm.............THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT! Obviously this person has done something horrible. Maybe killed a little girl after kidnapping and then raping her? Possibly sticking explosives under a victims car? Maybe the nut-case went on a rampage and killed 25 people. Could have been a parent's worst nightmare. For example, A mother just dropped her son and daughter off at schhol gets home and turns on the news and sees the school she was at no less that 20 minutes ago is a pile of rubble? Either way it certainly calls for a punishment in return. If it where up to me capital punishment would be done as "eye for an eye." If you shot someone in the leg and let them bleed out. You better hope you don't get caught, because after trial and you are found guilty, guess what your getting shot in the leg and your going to bleed out. That will cut down on crime more than banning guns or any of the other crap politicians try to do.


Yes. For gang-bangers that shoot innocent children that play in there own front yard. Yes, for people that purposely kill someone out of hate or just for fun. How would you like to be waiting at home for your family looking forward to a already planned super weekend. Then the phone rings. Your family has been killed by a drunk driver. They have all perished.

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